Sunday, 26. May 2024

a cooperative department of Fraunhofer IZFP,
Saarbrücken and Fraunhofer IIS, Erlangen

We.2.B - Production Integrated NDT I

We.2.B.1 Quality Assurance for the Manufacturing of Oxide Fibre Reinforced Ceramic Composites for Aerospace Applications
T. Ullmann, DLR, Stuttgart, Germany
S. Becker, Becker Photonik, Porta Westfalica, Germany
N. Rahner, M. Schmücker, DLR, Köln, Germany
Y. Shi, DLR, Stuttgart, Germany
G. Busse, P. Fey, Universität Stuttgart, Germany
We.2.B.2 Automated High Throughput Fan Beam CT Turbine Blade Wall Thickness Inspection and Fast 3D Casting and Composite Qualification by Fast Gantry Based Helix CT
M. Taupitz, GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies, Neu-Isenburg, Germany
S. Telesz, GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies, Lewistown, USA
O. Brunke, GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies, Wunstorf, Germany
E. Ambos, Ingenieurbüro Ambos, Samswegen, Germany
We.2.B.3 Demonstration of Novel Lamb Wave Detection of Flaws during the Layup Process of Composite Laminate Production
N. Miesen, R. Benedictus, R. Groves, J. Sinke, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands
We.2.B.4 Concept Development for Inline Process Control of the Preform-LCM Production Chain
S. Gubernatis, Eurocopter Deutschland, München, Germany
J.-M. Balvers, C. Weimer, Eurocopter Deutschland, Donauwörth, Germany