Wednesday, 26. February 2020

Th.2.B - Ultrasonic II

Th.2.B.1 Ultrasonic Techniques and Industrial Robots: Natural Evolution of Inspection Systems
E. Cuevas Aguado, Tecnatom, San Sebastian de los Reyes - Madrid, Spain
M. Lopez Asens, KUKA Robots IBÉRICA, Vilanova I la Geltrú, Spain
M. García Merino, Tecnatom, San Sebastian de los Reyes - Madrid, Spain
Th.2.B.2 Modelling of the Ultrasonic Propagation in Titanium Alloy Materials
L. Ducousso-Ganjehi, S. Châtillon, V. Dorval, C. Gilles-Pascaud, F. Jenson, CEA, LIST, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
Th.2.B.3 Non-Contact Ultrasound for Monitoring Uni- and Biaxial Fatigue Damage in Composites
M. Rheinfurth, G. Busse, Universität Stuttgart, Germany
Th.2.B.4 Looking into Other Industries – Qualification of NDT for Swiss Nuclear Utilities
D. Algernon, K. Dressler, P. Kicherer, SVTI, Wallisellen, Switzerland

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