Sunday, 29. January 2023

Tu.3.A - Radiography I

Tu.3.A.1 Digital Laminography and Computed Tomography with 600 kV for Aerospace Applications
M. Kurfiß, YXLON International, Hamburg, Germany
G. Streckenbach, YXLON International, Hattingen, Germany
Tu.3.A.2 Quality Control for X-Ray Systems – A Tool Chain for NDT Applications
S. Reisinger, A. Ennen, M. Schmitt, V. Voland, T. Wörlein, Fraunhofer EZRT, Fürth, Germany
Tu.3.A.3 An Acquisition Geometry-Independant Calibration Tool for Industrial Computed Tomography
J. Hess, P. Kühnlein, S. Oeckl, T. Schön, Fraunhofer IIS, Fürth, Germany
Tu.3.A.4 Fast Computed Tomography with Sub Micron Resolution for the Investigation of Microstructures
M. Salamon, M. Firsching, M. Khabta, N. Uhlmann, Fraunhofer EZRT, Fürth, Germany

a cooperative department of Fraunhofer IZFP,
Saarbrücken and Fraunhofer IIS, Erlangen