Friday, 21. June 2024

Th.3.A - Thermography

Th.3.A.1 Active Thermography for Defects with Low Contrast in Thermo-Physical Parameters
D.V. Isakov, J.L. Chng, K.A. Lee, Singapore Inst. of Manufacturing Technology, Singapore
Th.3.A.2 Improvement of Lockin-Thermographic NDT by an Iterative Adaption of Optical Excitation
M. Rahammer, K. Artzt, G. Busse, N. Holtmann, Universität Stuttgart, Germany
Th.3.A.3 Crack Detection at Aluminum Fuselages by Induction Excited Thermography
C. Srajbr, A. Dillenz, edevis, Stuttgart, Germany
K. Bräutigam, Lufthansa Technik, Frankfurt, Germany

a cooperative department of Fraunhofer IZFP,
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